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Philippines: A Thousand Islands to Explore

BY: Maya Ballesteros | Category: ASIA | Submitted: 2010-07-03 14:51:44
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Philippine is not such a renowned vacation destination. Nevertheless, for those trying it, they might find it as a truly rewarding place. It is a little bit difficult to visit Philippines, as it is formed by many islands, isolated from the other Asian countries. Because of its geographical location, only few people are willing to make some extra efforts to reach that place. Anyway, those trying this are going to discover a nice location providing dazzling vacation experiences.

Philippine is actually a large archipelago presenting more than seven thousands islands. There you are able to find unique spots with natural wonders, sustaining its natural charm. This area offers a tropical climate and, thanks to this friendly atmosphere, you are able to enjoy huge jungles, warm sandy beaches, volcanoes situated on high mountains and many other natural splendors.

The island's climate present high humidity around the year and the temperatures are great to enjoy your vacations, anytime you wish, during summer or winter. The spring months are the hottest ones, while the summer period brings along the rainy season, until October, and from November until May, you are able to enjoy the dry season. If you do not like high temperatures, although twenty-five up to thirty-two degrees does not seem that hot, you can spend your holiday in the mountains, as it is much cooler.

The most attractive places are, as in any other tourist location, the beaches. The renowned ones are those from Boracay Island, including, as well, the already famous White Beach. As its name says, the beach provides whitish fine sand and it is just huge, stretching for kilometers. Another great location for those loving to spend their holidays on beaches is Mactan Island, located in Cebu.

Mactan Island is followed by Negros Island, a paradisiacal location for all those diving and snorkeling amateurs, providing an amazing ocean life. There you can also enjoy large beaches with fine sand, while you are preparing your equipment for diving. You can also opt for some other water activities, as rafting, especially if you visit Davao and Cagayan de Oro cities, in Mindanao. As well, you can try going for windsurfing near many great beach resorts.

More than these, you can choose visiting cultural sites. Their culture is one of the richest and oldest cultures in the entire world, having more than one hundred different ethnicity groups. They present a wide languages range and many rituals, accordingly to the geographical zones. Their official languages are English and Tagalog, the national language, so, for sure, communicating with them, is not going to be a problem. More, they are also talking in different dialects, which you are not going to be able to understand at all. They have, as well, different festivals, outfits, foods and religions.

Visiting Philippines assure you that you are going to do many things in this location. You can check their urban sites, as they have great metropolis, where you can wander around the crowded streets. As well, in the northern part of the archipelago, you can explore a savanna area, recorded as one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritages.

If you choose to spend your vacation in a mountainous region, you can opt for Bangaan and Batag villages, located in Banaue. There are the most wonderful panoramic views, unique in Philippines and in the entire world. You can spend hours on terraces, watching the breathtaking sceneries. You can observe all those large rice fields, which gives you the impression of a huge amphitheater divided in small steps, or, after hiring a local guide, you can spend your time hiking along the trails.

Philippine is a nation that is divided in three different regions, Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon, presenting many interesting locations. It is true that traveling to and from Philippines is a tiring experience, but, as you are going to see, it is worthy. As well, once arrived to that splendid location, you should definitely visit at least the most renowned islands and choose a great beach resort, able to provide you with the best beaches and aquatic activities.

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